#HarmonyTweet is a collaboration between:

Diane Jackson Hill (author) and Aimee Dickson (artist).

Birds from everywhere can join the Big Bird Band. Twittering and tweeting are in huge demand.


Trouble is, Crow’s singing doesn’t quite fit the bill. With a little help from well-meaning tweeters, Crow learns the finer points but still can’t sing a note in tune. Will he ever find a place in the band?

A delightful orchestration of a community, wired by social media and powered by the love of song.

This book presents the wonderful artwork of Aimee Dickson who has been diagnosed with autism since early childhood. See more of her artwork, gift cards, calendars at artimee.com.au

Tweets for understanding twitter language:

A tweet – message sent by a user
@ is silent – a prefix to identify a user
# tag is a reference to a particular topic

Tweets are allowed a maximum of 140 characters
Punctuation and spaces are counted as characters
A Twoosh is exactly 140 characters long – can you find one in #HarmonyTweet?


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