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Outcome of Sea Bird Rescue

Gannet Chick
Lonely and lost gannet chick

The Marine Response Unit called to let me know that the young gannet we found last Saturday, did not make it. He would have only been a couple of months old. He would have fallen off the colony’s nesting platform and ‘coco-nutted’ for some time (without food) before landing on the beach where we found him.

The Marine Response Unit (Zoos Victoria) always follow up on rescues as they really appreciate people reporting animals in distress, so that they can give them another chance.
They gave me their direct line (state-wide) – 0447 158 676 – for any future rescues. Please add if you think you may use it.

I’m sad he didn’t make it, but so inspired by the Marine Response Unit’s dedication and glad he didn’t have a painful end.

Gannet chick waiting for rescue

Sea Bird Rescue


Found one lost Gannet chick on the beach today. Not fledged, so no idea how it got there. Phoned Wildlife Rescue and they called around till they found someone to come and care for it. A caring Local Laws officer also helped in the phone search and was on hand in case of any dog interference. Thanks to Zoos Victoria Marine Response Unit the rescue was eventually achieved. The chick will be taken to Zoos Vic for a check up and released into a safer environment when old enough.

I just love how one small, fluffy, very lost seabird can be so cared about.

And would you believe, I’ve just finished a story about a Gannet. Got to bird-sit one up-close for two hours!

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