Artist unlocked by holding a pen


With a little help from her family, friends, teachers and community, Aimee has her own successful business, complete with website and sales outlet for her exquisite artwork. She has now added a children’s picture book to her catalogue of greeting cards, calendar, font and masterpieces.
Quite amazing for any young woman, but more so for Aimee who was diagnosed with Autism in early childhood.
A teacher re-taught her how to hold a pen in her final year of secondary school. She started writing for the first time – and doodling. Those quirky doodlings developed into characters, backgrounds – and masterpieces.
#HarmonyTweet is a 32 page picture book for early primary school. Written by Diane Jackson Hill and illustrated by Aimee Dickson
#HarmonyTweet is a fun, rhyming story with an introduction to musical and social media concepts for early childhood
Birds from everywhere can join the Big Bird Band. Twittering and tweeting are in huge demand. Trouble is, Crow’s singing doesn’t quite fit the bill. With a little help from well-meaning tweeters, Crow learns the finer points but still can’t sing a note in tune. Will he ever find a place in the band?
“A delightful orchestration of a community, wired by social media and powered by the love of song.”
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